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  From shoplifting to million dollar theft charges, we have experience handling them all for our clients.  Fraud charges (from public benefits to unemployment to Medicaid and insurance theft) can threaten financial ruin and prison.  We analyze these situations and, often, fashion a defense that demonstrates an innocent motive or honest mistake or, simply, minimizes the damage to you financially and to your reputation.


  Over the past few years, with the rise of the digital economy and the internet, prosecutors have brought more and more charges claiming to a reasoned approach to false or exaggerated charges. Identity theft, securities fraud, Ponzi schemes and public corruption. We are familiar with and knowledgeable about the twenty-first-century economy and can defend against such charges.


  Whether your case is in state court (a county or local justice court) in New York or in any federal court in the United States, or if you have just been arrested or, simply, contacted by the authorities who want to “talk” to you, you need legal representation immediately to ensure that you have a lawyer’s knowledge and training on your side. 


  The law is clear: a policeman can mislead you or, even, lie to you in their pursuit of what they “think” the truth is.  Do not go it alone.  Even a seasoned  lawyer who is suspected of wrongdoing should get legal counsel who can unemotionally evaluate the situation and give the best legal advice.  Why shouldn’t you?  After all, the law is much like a foreign language – for better or worse.  Why be lost and at the mercy of those who speak that foreign language and can use it unfairly without your even knowing what is best!


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