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DWI, DWAI (Drugs and/or alcohol)

  Every year, it seems, there are new laws which make it tougher on those who choose to drink/do drugs and drive a vehicle.  If the cop who stops you smells alcohol or drugs or observes what he or she believes is impairment, they will arrest you.  Do not despair. There are numerous defenses to these charges and our attorney is experienced and has been successful in defending many of these types of cases.  At least half of all our cases involve alcohol and/or drugs in some way. 

  If you contact us during the arrest processing, we can assist you in deciding whether or not you should 
take a breath, blood or urine test.  Sometimes taking 
their test can help and sometimes it can hurt badly to 
do so.  We can help you to evaluate the pros and cons
before deciding and avoid serious consequences.  

  If you are reading this after you have been processed and released or bailed out, the earlier an attorney becomes involved, the better the eventual outcome can be for you.  Don’t wait until after your first court appearance.  Call to discuss your case so an attorney can protect your rights as soon as possible. 

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