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These are among the most emotionally charged crimes we handle.  Where many lawyers shy away from defending such cases, we do not.  As with all our cases, these matters are treated with sensitivity but also, just as importantly, the right amount of aggressive lawyering at the right times.  

 Although the subject matter is very personal and can be devastating and ruin a good reputation, the knowledge and professional approach we bring with us to court can and does make judges and juries see through the emotion to a reasoned approach to false or exaggerated charges. And, in the twenty-first-century, federal and state prosecutions for internet pornography are on the rise.  


 Browsing in sexually explicit chat rooms or looking at what might appear to be non-pornographic material on sites that also pander to some people’s darker desires, can result in being caught up in a “sting”.  The browsing history of any computer is very difficult to delete completely and the government has tech experts who can recover almost anything that may have been quickly and unknowingly accessed.  We know how to fight these charges successfully.    

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